Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Little About Me!!

I know i have so much to be grateful for, Am free to choose my desires
And I make them with courage, detachment and
Sometimes with a little touch of madness.

I know what i want & I've no need to waste my time on explanations,
I take every oppurtunity to teach myself, take time to understand.

I'm never taken in by appearances and make a point of remaining
silent when people try to impress me.

I use the occasions to correct my own faults, for the other people
make an excellent mirror.

I know certain moments repeat themselves, and all these repeated experiences
have but one aim, to teach me what i never want to learn.

I'm not afraid to weep over ancient sorrows or feel joy at new discoveries,
and don't condemn a few acts of unexpected folly.

I don't spend my days trying to play the role that others have chosen for me.

I make mistakes, so many of them, I ask myself questions, I'm looking for a reason,
and I'm sure to find it.

It's not my responsibility to judge the dreams of others and i dont waste time
critisising other people's decision, i simply accept the challenge.

I have behaved treacherously, i have lied, i have strayed from my path,
i have courted dreams, and evrything was fine as if nothing had happened.

And am transforming to a new mould each day.


  1. When seeing the word 'A Passionate dreamer', I understand about your long sleep behind that.

  2. Nice to see that you've started blogging. One thing I've forgot to mention is, lot of people start blogging and doing it actively for days/months and just abandoning it. Lets hope to not to see you in that list. Keep posting/sharing/uploading photos or whatever you wanna speak about.

  3. Wonderful words, I don't know how to respond to this, may be I need to read it again and again to get a complete picture :)

  4. உங்களின் எழுத்துக்களை வாசிக்கையில்
    ஒரு அபரிமிதமான உணர்வுகளும் ஆழமான சிந்தனையும் புயல் எதிர்த்தினும் உடையாத நாணல் போல் மன உறுதியும் கொண்ட ஒரு 'புதுமைப் பெண்' ணாகவே நினைக்கத் தோன்றுகிறது.